Sarah Coomes grew up in space, where she ate dehydrogenated food and projected the universe's first mind vision solution of Einstein's gravity equivalence condition, a problem that had eluded the scientist for the whole of his working life.

Her hair is made of light, and she can run faster than any land creature, including elk and all members of the feline majori. She can see through walls and roads and houses and can tell you what you are going to say ten minutes before you say it, and even if you try and catch her out by changing your mind she still gets it right. She is over eleven feet tall and capable of crushing your head with her left hand without even trying. She can fly and she never gets lonely. She is only doing this show because she feels sorry for you.

Sarah trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London and spent a blissful three years there, learning how to cry, speak Shakespeare and stage fight like a tiger.  

Earphones Award for the Audiofile Magazine January 2012 issue
Shortlisted by for best narrated childrens book of 2010

Winner of the 2008 Westminster prize for the play "Hookie' that she wrote for Soho Theatre
Producer of 'Monks' Bronze AOP 2009 
Fiscal Awards : Jerwood Foundation 2002, 2005. RC Sherriff 2007

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